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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Link

I've added a new web site to my links. Pierre Tristam is a Lebanese American who is an editorial writer for the Daytona Beach newspaper. Yes, Daytona Beach. Tristam is very liberal and it's odd to find someone like that writing for a Florida paper, but this one is apparently one of the few remaining dailies that is individually owned. I don't agree with Tristam on everything, but he says a lot that's interesting, and I really like the following quotation, which he posted on his site. It's from biologist Edward O. Wilson's book, Consilience. He's addressing creationists' claims about evolution.

"Anything is possible, it can be said, if you believe in miracles. Perhaps God did create all organisms, including human beings, in finished form, in one stroke, and maybe it all happened several thousand years ago. But if that is true, he also salted the earth with false evidence in such endless and exquisite detail, and so thoroughly from pole to pole, as to make us conclude first that life evolved, and second that the process took billions of years. Surely Scripture tells us He would not do that. The Prime Mover of the Old and New Testaments is variously loving, magesterial, denying, thunderously angry, and mysterious, but never tricky."


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