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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bottomed Out?

The stock market has been surging and Wells Fargo has reported positive quarterly results. Could we have bottomed out? Are things going to get better from here on? Not so fast, kemosabe. That's a mule you're riding now, not some flashy palomino stallion. There are questions about the Wells Fargo results. Some seem to think that there are smoke and mirrors involved. I don't fully understand their arguments, nor do I care to educate myself enough to understand them. However, it appears that Wells Fargo had a suspiciously low figure for charge-offs against bad loans.

Meanwhile, the right-wing nut bags are flailing about as they try to find something which will give them a hook with the public. It seems that they keep throwing things out there, hoping that they can stumble upon something that will scare people enough to give them some political traction. Michelle Bachmann, who is apparently the new, more acceptable Sarah Palin figure, said that Obama was planning to send the youth to re-education camps. Others continue to push the notion that Obama is a cryto-Islamist. When the President told the Turkish parliament that the US would never be at war with Islam, and later bowed to the Saudi king, it really got them stoked up. How do these people make such bullshit come out of their mouths? There's a constituency for it though, the constituency that frequents gun shows. There's been a surge of gun buying and it isn't because of a surge in hunting and target shooting.

It all just gets to be too much. I myself am getting tired of blogging about it. I read an item a few weeks ago. It expressed surprise that movies seem to be doing relatively well. Duh. The same thing happened during the Great Depression. People want to escape the grim facts for a few hours. And the Depression was a great era for comedy with the likes of the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields and the Three Stooges. Hollywood can't seem to come up with funny comedies of its own, so they're remaking three shorts by the Three Stooges and packaging them in a single movie. Jim Carrey as Curly? I don't care if he does put on weight for the role. I'm not buying it.


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