Hawking Up Hairballs

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rain Comes

I'm writing this entry from on my knees. It rained last night. Praise the Lord! Some 250 people apparently showed up for Governor Sonny's prayer service on the steps of the state capitol on Tuesday, and their prayers were heard. Some thirty-six hours later, the rain came. It didn't amount to much, and it didn't even put a dent in our deficit for the year, but that too should tell us something. 250 people out of a metro area of several million? That's pathetic. The Good Lord wants more of us out there. A thousand! Ten thousand! A hundred! Just think of how the rains would fall. We wouldn't want many more than a hundred thousand though. Given the results from the efforts of the few who were praying with Governor Sonny, if we got many more than that out there, we'd have to round up the animals in pairs while hustling to finish an ark.


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