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Friday, March 28, 2008

More Autism Nonsense

Yet further proof that jocks are idiots. There may be the occasional athlete who is intelligent and sensible, but it's a case of the exception that proves the rule. What causes me to bring this up? Well, former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie was in Atlanta to help an autism organization raise money. He has a son who is autistic. A reporter from the local paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, asked Flutie a number of questions. One of them was whether or not he thought there was a connection between autism and vaccinations. He said that he wasn't a doctor so he don't know what it was, but that there was something going on. As he put it regarding his son Dougie, "All I know is at two, Dougie's shooting hoops and talking smack. Next thing you know, he's tripping over toys." A two-year-old shooting hoops? Yeah, right. And talking smack? What the hell are you talking about Flutie? You're a bozo, Doug, and I'm sacking you, planting you on your back. Correlation doesn't necessarily imply causation. Educate yourself before offering opinions.


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