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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chomsky On The Election

I love Noam Chomsky. He's such an incisive social critic, and I find myself agreeing with almost everything he says. And believe me, that's unusual. A lot of times, what he says isn't new, but he gets right to the heart of the matter and explains it in simple and understandable terms. For example, we all know how the advertising industry works. We know that it manipulates us using images and emotion in the effort to make us buy the advertisers' products. Well, in the speech to which I link below, Chomsky puts it in such a nice, succinct way. "The goal of advertising is to create uninformed consumers who will make irrational decisions." Could it be said any better?

I am linking to the text of Chomsky's first public comments since the election. The piece is long, in blogsphere terms, but have patience. It's worth it.



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