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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lame Duck Obama

I've never been an Obama enthusiast. I don't see how anyone could have been, given how the political system works. At this particular point in history, you can't be nominated for the presidency in the Democratic or Republican party unless you are bought and paid for. Obama was bought and paid for. Why else do you think he has Wall Street insiders like Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner setting his economic policy?

As it is shaping up now, Obama is the black Jimmy Carter. For all I know, he's well meaning but, if he is, he doesn't have the desire or strength of will to push his agenda through. Take Pakistan, for example. He caved in to the generals there. He's caving on health care. He's caving on creating jobs. It's almost like he's already a lame duck. He certainly doesn't seem to have any more clout than a lame duck president, and I don't see how he can expect anymore than one term.

What are likely to see after Obama? A nasty, right-wing figure, I'm afraid. If they have any political sense, and the right seems to have plenty of that, they'll use Palin as a stalking horse. She'll pave the way for a very right-wing candidate who isn't as outrageous and flamboyant, but who is just as toxic. The moderate voters that the Republicans hope to win will be turned off by the likes of Palin, but will then embrace the “more sensible” candidate, just because they're sick of the Democrats.

As far as Obama goes, I saw what was coming right after he was elected. He and his wife were on some talk show. The host asked them who the boss was in the household. Michelle Obama spoke right up and said, I am. Obama kind of sighed and agreed. Oh, shit, I thought, we're in trouble here. It's not that I believe that the man is supposed to be the dominant figure in a relationship, but you have to be strong-willed to be a president if you expect to get anything done. And you see what's happening. Perhaps it was Michelle who should have been elected.


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