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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ranting On

In my previous post, I confessed to hating greeters. I've been thinking about that and I've decided that the truth is that I just plain hate the human race. I'm a damned misanthrope. It's the reason I've come to live such a reclusive existence. People just aren't worth the trouble. My two cats make better companions.

Upon reflection, how can one not be a misanthrope? Just look at the track record of the human race. There are wars, racism, genocide, all of which lead to indiscriminate killing on a wide scale. And remember, those of the Book, like Christians, Jews, and Islamists, say that we are made in the image of their God. That right there is reason enough for atheism.

Now, most people are pleasant enough one on one, but it's been my experience that, at best, people disappoint you and, at worst they use you or stab you in the back. Even in marriage, which is supposedly the most intimate of relationships, people disappoint. As a college friend of mine said upon getting divorced, marriage is just two people, each trying to get his or her own way. A lifetime of observation tells me that this is true. In any intimate relationship, one of the partners will assert his or her dominance and the other partner will accept it, or the relationship will be dissolved.

All that said, I can't say that I wish the worst for people, and I take no joy from events like the earthquake in Haiti. The poor bastards. Not only have they suffered under US imperialism, but now the just and merciful God slaps them with a horrible earthquake. Just and merciful, my ass.


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