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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Class Education

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle."

That's from The Communist Manifesto, folks, and it's still true. There had been this notion abroad in the USA that we're not a class society. Total bullshit, of course, as recent events have made abundantly clear. The scions of the ruling class are educated at elite universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. That's also where those who will later be tapped to manage their interests are educated. I'm supplying a link to an article by Christopher Hedges about the state of education in those universities. Pay attention, folks. These are your future masters he's talking about!



Anonymous barbara said...

Bill Kristol is an extreme example of this. Seems dad Irving paved the way for son Bill at every point. Used his status and access to open every door for the boy. Yet saw no contradiction between all the special advantages he lavished on his dog of a son and his open opposition to affirmative action.

Although at another website commenters were laughing at the idea of Hank Paulson in drag being hauled up to the guillotine as he muttered "Let them eat cake". Some true cynic in the thread noted that in Paulson's case, he would have given unlimited unsupervised money to the fellow who financed construction of the guillotine, but would have declined to bribe the executioner on principle.

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